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My experience of creating is tied to the lived experience of time. Slowly, layer by layer, the gentle gradations of light manifest on paper to share their message. The mineral nature of graphite is primal to me, but refined; reflecting rainbows in metal, paper so vulnerable. I strive to allow spiritual meaning to infuse the work through me, in order to create an essential meaning for the viewer. To be changed by a creation is the most wonderful experience of being human. 


Stevens, Jebs19_edited.jpg

"If you seek the name of their office, it is angel; from what they are, spirit, from what they do, angel."

                  St. Augustine

*the Antahkarana (Sanskrit: inner organ) is a concept and symbol originating in Hindu philosophy that refers to the totality of the two levels of mind, higher mind and middle mind, and the link between them. It is difficult to properly illuminate the ways in which Antahkarana shifts between symbol, description, and conscious participant in this universe. In my own experience I have perceived the Antahkarana as sort of slice of the fractal tubes that connect destiny, time, and awareness. Fractal in the sense that the smallest conceivable unity is identical to the whole. On a deep level we find that have our own natural and inevitable relationships to these images: without philosophy, without study, without priests.


The vision of the Radiant Child manifests in the spirituality and symbolism of many cultures. The divine becomes human, the Godhead takes the form of complete vulnerability. Baby Krishna, the infant Jesus, and the reflection of the Unknowable that anyone who truly looks can see in the eyes of the newly-born. I constructed this face calling on inner, intuitive information: the capacity for creation inherent to my born-female body. 


The birth of the image unfolds in layers of abstraction. From the eyes outward, the image unfolds its meaning: the Antahtakarana* in the center, radiating Light Energy, unfolds itself into the Flower of Life. These forms are equal in emphasis, as they are all essentially the same. 


The benediction offered is an invitation to be opened to true awareness. It is an offering as one sees in portrayals of Ascended Masters. It is this recognition of the viewer, of the one who stands before God and is Seen, that initiates transformation. 


To perceive an image is to be instantaneously and permanently altered. The intention of this creation is to transfer a message to all who are able to see it. The message can be found as one looks into the image, even without these words which attempt to explain. Art can transmit what the mind cannot understand. 

Stevens, Radiant Child.jpg

like a sea of liquid glass

the living and the dead wash this world in a torrent of blood


to drink, and die

borne: excreted from the hot green earth

we cling to one another's tears


the sun behind a wall of bones:

the veil of time grows thick,

choking on destiny.


he who is without sin:

look into the child's eyes


Kyrie Eleison

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